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Drive Line Restraint System
Suit Sprint Car (Requires Spuds Welded To Butt Bar on Chassis)

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Complete Driveline Restraint System designed to restrain and tether torque tube and driveline. It's clean design makes it light, inexpensive, easily installed, does not interfere with routine maintenance and does not affect chassis flex/performance while protecting your legs and feet from the torque tube.

Rear driveline hoop contains the torque tube should it break out of the rear end. In conjunction with the (standard) front torque tube hoop prevents lateral movement of the torque tube to keep it away from your lower leg and feet. The rear hoop is spud mounted so does not affect chassis flex or performance. It's positioned under the seat to not inhibit any of your normal maintenance routine.

The CNC'ed collar and wire cables that attach to the front torque tube hoop prevent the torque tube from falling out of the torque ball, further containing it between your legs. Each cable has a 4,000 pound breaking strength, and is attached via a pin and rue clip to the front hoop for easy and quick removal when needed.

Spuds Stock on ALL new XXX Chassis. System is adaptable to most chassis with the addition of 2 spuds welded to butt bar. (Torque tube hoop must be vertical and chassis must have short floor pan design.)

Complete System Includes:

  • (1) Rear Torque Tube Hoop
  • (1) Front Torque Tube Hoop
  • (1) CNC'ed Torque Tube Collar
  • (2) Tethers
  • (2) Heavy duty rue clips and pins

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