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SKU: SPL2256F 030

BRAND: Speed Pro

350 ci SB Chev - Dish Top Powerforged Pistons
355 c.i., 4.030" bore, 3.480 stroke, 5.700" rod length, -6.0cc dome volume

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With an enhanced formulation bonded into the piston surface at the atomic level, DUROSHIELD delivers the ultimate combination of low friction and exceptional durability, even in the most critical engine environments. This technologically advanced coating is precisely applied to the piston through a computer-controlled process.

  • New and improved protective formulation - Next Gen DUROSHIELD graphite coating reduces abrasive wear,
  • increasing the anti-seizing characteristics when there is insufficient lubrication.
  • Atomically bonded to the substrate, using advanced material and manufacturing processes.
  • Requires no increase in skirt clearance.

A Quieter Engine

When a piston reaches either end of the cylinder, it decelerates. This can cause it to slap. However, an engine equipped with skirt-coated pistons will run more quietly because the skirt coating acts as a "cushion" between the piston and cylinder wall, reducing the potential for slapping.

More efficiency, More power

Skirt coating reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder wall, and provides better surface lubricity in engines with extremely tight-piston-to-bore tolerances. Speed-Pro DUROSHIELD POWERFORGED pistons enable improved piston-to-bore clearances which provides a more stable piston, thereby reducing leakage from the compression chamber, improving horsepower and efficiency.

  • Offers even greater engine efficiency, friction reduction and horsepower gains than previous coatings, plus better NVH reduction - perfect for aggressive combustion strategies and very high temperatures.
  • Significantly reduces friction across the entire RPM range.
  • Helps prevent scuffing of skirt and cylinder wall.
  • Prevents damage from inadequate lubrication, especially at start-up.
  • Improves cylinder sealing for less blow-by and more power.
  • PLUS - Each piston features a window that is used to measure the exact skirt size for precise bore clearance.

Piston Specifications :

  • CID: 355
  • Bore: 4.030
  • Stroke: 3.480
  • Rod Length: 5.700
  • Compression Height: 1.563
  • Compression Ratio with 64cc chamber volume: 9.72
  • Compression Ratio with 72cc chamber volume: 8.96
  • Compression Ratio with 76cc chamber volume: 8.62
  • Dome Volume: -6.0cc
  • Pin Type: Press
  • Recommended Ring Set: Moly - SPE251K 030, STD Fit - SPR9903 030, File Fit - SPR9343 035
  • Coated skirt

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