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BRAND: Snow Performance

Stage 3 Gasoline MPG MAX Boost Cooler
Can be used with a traditional EFI system or on any forced induction engine

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The MPG MAX Stage 3 Boost Cooler is unmatched for increases in Fuel Economy AND Power in water-methanol injection systems. Key to this is accuracy and adjustability designed into the system. This Boost Cooler can be used on any forced induction engine, or ANY engine with a traditional EFI system.
In the lighter load states, it can read and inject according to boost level and EFI signal simultaneously, and inject through a very small nozzle. This allows it to be extremely accurate when injecting smaller amounts to prevent quench.
Additionally, the MPG MAX has the software and hardware capability to inject the correct amounts under the higher load states for serious increases in power, using a larger secondary nozzle.
Of course, both stages are also fully progressive and completely adjustable for the perfect delivery on your vehicle, no matter what other modifications are utilised.
Very easy to set up and dial in - the software creates a delivery map based on boost and EFI signal from just a few easy to set start and full points you punch in. Fully standalone controller does not have to be wired into any diagnostic port or the ECU/ECM.
The LCD Screen displays boost pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, as well as water-methanol injection percent. Quick, easy, positive adjustments are made with 2 push buttons. Low profile design allows for easy-to-view and discrete mounting.

Kit includes:

  • UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
  • 3 Quart Reservoir
  • LCD Screen, Pushbutton Digital Variable Mapping Controller
  • 2 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower
  • 10 feet High Pressure Tubing (1200psi burst)
  • Flow Control Solenoid
  • Dual Nozzle upgrade included
  • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Comprehensive Instructions

Snow Performance also sell pre-mixed fluid as well:
Boost Juice # RPSP40008

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