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Multi Relay Center

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Electronic devices are becoming more common in race cars today and these devices typically require lots of wiring to connect everything. This is especially true with cars using multiple stages of Nitrous Oxide.

Each stage requires wiring to a Nitrous solenoid, a fuel solenoid, a wide open throttle switch, common power feeds and fuses.

Usually, relays are added to handle the high amperage draws. Dozens of wires and connections need to be made correctly and must function perfectly every run.

Troubleshooting is difficult and all it takes to blow up a nitrous motor is for one wire to come loose.

Dedenbear has recognised this problem and has designed a relay center that pre-wires all the relays in a single unit.

Basically each stage has a signal wire going in and a power wire going out. The inputs and outputs have indicator LEDs for easy trouble shooting. All of the wiring mess is replaced with one simple compact relay center for the utmost in reliability.

It is so versatile, that it can be used to power anything in a car that needs high power levels, not just nitrous systems.


  • Use for high powered Nitrous solenoids or other high power devices such as fuel pumps, water pumps, throttle stops, fans, etc.
  • Four relays pre-wired and ganged together to power up to four stages of NOS solenoids
  • One separate relay with inputs and outputs completely isolated to allow wiring in any configuration
  • Relay inputs can be "negative" or "positive"
  • Relay outputs can be "negative" or "positive"
  • Indicator LEDs for relay coils and outputs make troubleshooting a snap
  • Easy access replaceable fuses for each relay
  • Incredibly simplifies wiring and improves reliability

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