BRAND: Champion

Race Spark Plug 12mm
.750" Reach Gasket Seat, J-Gap Non Projected

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* Extruded Massive Copper Core Centre Electrode Provides 120 % More Spark Area To Deliver S ubstantially Improved Performa nce Over A Greater Period Of S ervice Interval. High Thermal Capacity For Peak Performance At All Engine Speeds, Rapidly Dissipates Combustion Temperat ure For Improved Resistance To Engine Destroying Preignition /detonation At Peak Engine Loa ds.

* Exclusive Patent ed Long Life Copper Core Groun d Electrode Reduces Gap Erosio n, Decreases Firing Voltage Re quirement And Provides Stabili sed Combustion Over The Servic e Life Of The Spark Plug With Improved Resistance To Fouling .

* V-tipped Copper Co re Ground Electrode Provides I mproved Air/fuel Mixture Acces s For Optimum Flame Propagatio n And Ignitability From Every Molecule Of Fuel, Resulting In More Power, Quicker Accelerat ion, Lower Emissions And Bette r Fuel Economy.

* Heat Is Dissipated 10 Times Faster Than Convention Spark Plugs T o Improve Driveability, Econom y And Power, In Prevention Of Harmful Pre-ignition Under Hig h Engine Load, Important For H igh Combustion Temperature Eng ines.

* Patented Zirco nia Enhanced Special High Alum a Insulator Is 40% Stronger Th an Standard Insulators, Giving Near Diamond Hardness For Sup erior Tensile Strength Durabil ity And Reliability.

* New Rib Configuration For Imp roved Flashover And Better Ign ition Lead Boot Fitment For Al l Applications.

* Pate nted - Sac9 Suppressor Semi-co nductor Resistor Where Fitted Provides Effective Radio Frequ ency Interference (rfi) Suppre ssion Over A Wide Range Of Fre quencies. It Provides Protecti on For Vital Vehicle Systems S uch As Engine Management Syste ms (oem And Aftermarket) And A bs Braking Systems At All Oper ating Frequencies.

* H eat Conductive Alumina Provide s Self Adjusting Temperature F or Resistance To Thermal Stres s (preignition) And Maximum Re sistance To Fouling. It Also P rovides Optimum Dielectric Str ength For Resistance To High E nergy Electrical Voltage And P hysical Shock Loads For Extend ed Service Intervals And High Performance Engine Requirement s.

* Special Triple-co ated Anti-seizing Shell Incorp orates A Patented Ultraseal Sh ell Plating Process For Corros ion Resistance To Marine Indus try Standards. This Means Easi er Removal From Modern Alumini um Cylinder Heads After Extend ed Service Intervals.

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