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SKU: AF2296-2001

BRAND: Aeroflow Performance

Oil Filter
Daewoo, Holden, Nissan, Saab & Toyota (Z154) M18 x 1.5

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Aeroflow Oil Filters combine durability and easy removal in the new high performance filters. Originally designed for racers, these oil filters use an improved coil spring design and feature an extra-thick backing plate which provides added protection against pressure surges in racing applications. Featuring a Buna-N rubber gasket, these filters are compatible with almost all racing fuels and lubricants. In terms of filtration, these filters have a premium pleated synthetic blend media which provides increased filtration at high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

Featuring an unique louvered centre tube, this allows more flow area and eliminates media wear during pleat movement which increases flow. Having an easy hex release nut, use a 24mm or 15/16"" spanner/socket which will allow for simple and easy removal. Replace your tired old oil filter with an Aeroflow Oil Filter today! Engineeredfor performance and durability, this is the new oil filter of choice for any application, street or track!

AF2296-2001 Vehicle Application (Z154):

1.5I, 1.5L L4 (G15MF) 07/94-10/95
Cielo, GL 1.5L L4 (G15MF) 10/95-98
Cielo, GLX 1.5L L4 (A15MF) 10/95-07/97
Espero, CD 2.0L L4 (C20LE4) 03/95-07/97
Kalos, T220 1.5L L4 (F15S3) 03/03-12/04
Lacetti, J200 1.8L L4 (C18SED) 08/03-12/04
Lanos, 1.5L L4 (A15SMS) 07/97-03
Lanos, 1.6L L4 (A16DMS) 07/97-03
Leganza, 2.0L L4 (C20SED) 07/97-99
Leganza, 2.2L L4 (T22SED) 04/99-03
Matiz, KL M100 0.8L 3cyl (F8CV) 10/99-02
Matiz, KL M150 0.8L 3cyl (F8CV) 07/02-04
Nubira, J100 1.6L L4 (A16DMS) 06/97-05/00
Nubira, J100/J150 2.0L L4 (X20SED) 05/98-05/03
Tacuma, 2.0L L4 (T20SED) 11/00-12/04
Astra, LD 1.6,1.8L L4 (16LF/18LE) 07/87-87
Astra, TR 1.6,1.8,2.0L L4 (C16SE/C18SEL/X20XEV) 09/96-09/98
Astra, TS 1.8L L4 (X18XE1) 08/98-99
Astra, TSII 1.8L L4 (Z18XE2) 10/01-04
Astra, TSII 2.0L L4 (Z20LET) 05/03-07/04
Astra, AH 1.8L L4 (Z18XE) 12/04-03/07
Astra, AH Turbo 2.0L L4 (Z20LER) 06/06-03/10
Astra, AH 2.0L L4 (Z20LER) 08/06-03/10
Barina, SB 1.2,1.4L L4 (C12NZ/C14NZ) 04/94-97
Barina, SB 1.6L L4 (C16XE) 04/94-95
Barina, SB 1.6L L4 (X16XE) 03/95-99
Barina, SB 1.4L L4 (C14SE) 08/97-01
Barina, XC 1.4L L4 (Z14XE) 02/01-04
Barina, XC 1.8L L4 (Z18XE) 09/01-12/05
Barina, TK 1.6L L4 (F16D3) 12/05-On
Calibra, YE,YE95 2.0L L4 & 2.5L V6 (All Models) 10/91-07/98
Camira, JB.JD,JE 1.6,1.8,2.0L L4 (All Models) 08/82-89
Captiva, CG 2.4L L4 (F18D4) 11/06-On
Colorado, RC 2.4L L4 (Y24SE) 07/08-11/08
Combo Van, SB 1.4L L4 (C14NZ) 03/96-97
Combo Van, XC 1.6L L4 (Z16SE) 09/02-05
Combo Van, XC 1.4L L4 (Z14XE) 05/05-On
Commodore, VN-VY Sedan/Wagon/Ute/Statesman 3.8L V6 88-04
Frontera, M7 2.0L L4 (X20SE) 10/95-99
Frontera, MX 2.2L L4 (X22SE) 02/99-02
Vectra, JR 2.0L L4 (C20SEL) 06/97-08/98
Vectra, JR 2.5L V6 (X25XE) 06/97-08/98
Vectra, JS 2.0L L4 (C20SEL) 08/98-99
Vectra, JS 2.2L L4 (C22SEL) 08/98-99
Viva, JF 1.8L L4 (F18D3) 10/05-05/09
VXR, AH Turbo Coupe 2.0L L4 (Z20LER) 10/06-09/09
Pulsar, N13 MPFI Non Turbo 1.8L (18LF) 07/87-91
Pulsar, N13 SPFI Non Turbo 1.6L (16LF) 07/87-89
900, 2.5L V6 96-97
900S, 5 Door Quad Cam 2.5L V6 (B256/8) 03/94-98
9000/9000I, CDE 3.0I 3.0L V6 (B308) 02/95-97
9000/9000I, Griffin 3.0L V6 (B308) 02/95-97
Lexcen, KT,MT,PT 3.8L V6 09/89-95
Lexcen, ST T4 3.8L V6 09/89-95

AF2296-2001 Filter Specification:

Anti Drain Back Valve: Yes
Bypass Valve: No
Filter Material: High Flow Premium Media
Gasket Material: Nitrile Rubber
Height: 5.094 in (129 mm)
Outside Diameter: 3 in (76 mm)
PSI Relief Valve: None

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